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Search Engine Marketing | a&g creative group

11 Sep '16

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Does HTTPS benefit your rankings?

Early August Google announced on the Webmaster Central Blog that they where using SSL/HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. For now, they say, it is only a lightweight signal affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, … Read More

17 Jul '16

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Does PPC improve your SEO

The short and simple answer is no. SEO and PPC are different “disciplines” and there is no correlation between your PPC spend and your organic search performance.

However, there is an indirect benefit. PPC should be part of your online … Read More

15 Jul '14

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Forecasting expected online revenue or traffic

In our job as online marketing professionals we quite often run into the situation to forecast expected online revenue, conversions and traffic. We have to do that not only for existing projects, but especially for new business.

David Fothergill published … Read More

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