Improving Online Customer Service
July 23, 2016

Improving Online Customer Service With Proactive Technology

There are many ways of improving online customer service and increasing customer loyalty. In this article we will focus on how technology can help us further improve on established methods and some new ones as well.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

This is probably the oldest rule in the book when it comes to great customer service. Everyone’s been there, you order something online which has a 4-6 week delivery window and on your 7th week there is still no delivery. At that point you probably call the e-commerce company and demand to know where your item is, at which point the customer service agent tells you that its back ordered. These incidents are all to common and are unpleasant for both sides. The good news is that there is a way to improve.

Companies offering, “complex event processing” systems are a great way to analyze streaming data from multiple sources and enable proactive customer service. These systems often correlate all the data in real-time, analyze  it based on the rules defined in the tool, and take actions to notify the customer, another application, or someone internal to the business. Storm,SamzaApama, and InfoStreams are some of the complex event processing tools. Storm and Samza are open source offerings.

Retailers can use these systems to reduce call volumes and resolve issues resulting in happier shoppers and higher revenue.

A good example is Dell, which uses a system that gives its reps visibility into the operational environment that covers logistics and inventory management, resulting in proactively resolving problems or notifying customers of any issues or delays before they are impacted.

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