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05 Dec '16

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Graphis Design Annual 2016

Every year Graphis honors the best talent in Design, Advertising, and Photography. They are committed to embracing the entire artistic community by presenting aspiring your artists, as well as award-winning professionals.

We are honored to announce that also in 2016 … Read More

17 Sep '16

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What is marketing attribution and why measure it?

Attribution in digital marketing provides data of how digital marketing channels contribute to conversions. The purpose it to quantify each channels influence and make informed decisions about which digital channel and/or channel combinations provide the highest conversion rates.

If you … Read More

11 Sep '16

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Does HTTPS benefit your rankings?

Early August Google announced on the Webmaster Central Blog that they where using SSL/HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. For now, they say, it is only a lightweight signal affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, … Read More

01 Aug '16

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Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou from Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou on Vimeo.

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23 Jul '16

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Improving Online Customer Service With Proactive Technology

There are many ways of improving online customer service and increasing customer loyalty. In this article we will focus on how technology can help us further improve on established methods and some new ones as well.

Be Proactive Not Reactive … Read More

22 Jul '16

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Marketing Automation- what it is and why you should use it.

Marketing Automation; sounds simple, turn it on, sit back and relax? Unfortunately it is not that easy and requires a precise set up to be successful. So what exactly is Marketing Automation?

Wikipedia says “Marketing automation refers to software platforms … Read More

17 Jul '16

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Does PPC improve your SEO

The short and simple answer is no. SEO and PPC are different “disciplines” and there is no correlation between your PPC spend and your organic search performance.

However, there is an indirect benefit. PPC should be part of your online … Read More

16 Jul '15

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Social Media, the new home of agile marekting

For over a decade we have been hearing the word “agile” more and more in combination with terms like software development, modelling, architecture, company cultures and marketing. Econsultancy’s top story this morning is exactly about that; #agilemarketing – what is … Read More

21 Jul '14

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Google Analytics Premium integrates with DoubleClick Digital Marketing

Maximizing your online marketing efforts starts with seeing the journey of consumers more clearly, then reacting quickly to reach the right customers at the right moments with messages that are designed just for them.

The new integration of Google Analytics … Read More

15 Jul '14

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Forecasting expected online revenue or traffic

In our job as online marketing professionals we quite often run into the situation to forecast expected online revenue, conversions and traffic. We have to do that not only for existing projects, but especially for new business.

David Fothergill published … Read More

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